Artificial intelligence will transform the world.
Croatia will have a say in it.

Elements of AI

The biggest free online course on AI is now available in Croatian!

What defines AI?

How will AI affect our lives?

How is AI made?

The aim of the course is to encourage 1% of Croatians to learn what artificial intelligence is, what its possibilities and limitations are, and how it is created.


How to get involved with CroAI

By becoming a member

Strengthen the bedrock of AI innovations in Croatia and engage in industry-defining events and activities. 

By sponsoring initiatives & projects

Become a valued part of our community and explore the possibilities of sponsoring our projects and initiatives.

By donating

The generosity of our donators propels our endeavors of gathering leading companies and startups in the field of AI in Croatia. 

Ongoing initiatives

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Croatian AI Landscape





Upcoming projects

AI Roadshow

A moving AI conference that aims to spark AI innovation throughout Croatia and facilitate a culture of dialogue between regulators and business owners.

Open Data Hackathons

Hackathons as a part of a next-generation public procurement process. The idea is to boost demand for AI solutions and to solve some of the most interesting problems on state level at the same time.

Smart Healthcare & Medicine

European Digital Innovation Hub named ‘AI for Smart Healthcare and Medicine’ is a consortium that aims to accelerate the innovation for Europe's aging population.



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