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In June 2020, CroAI submitted a formal opinion on the EU's White paper on AI  with the aim to create more space for startups. We continue to be an active contributor of Croatia’s and the EU’s regulatory framework on AI.

EU White Paper on AI → CroAI opinion

We cannot stress enough the necessity of creating more space for entrepreneurship and innovation. That’s why we suggested three measures that we believe will give Europe considerable leverage in global AI R&D:

1. AI sandbox with a Code of Conduct - to support the incubation phase of AI R&D
2. Competitive startup framework at EU level - to keep AI innovation in Europe
3. The State as the first client model - to ignite the EU’s AI ecosystem


Croatian National Plan for AI

CroAI is a member of the Government’s working group for AI with the task to define Croatia’s future national AI strategy.

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